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Dental Implant


A dental implant is method of tooth replacement that has the created a widespread change in people with oral health needs. It offers a more permanent solution for teeth replacement. This is because with dental implants a titanium screw is fused into the jawbone and an artificial tooth is placed on top.

Doctor : Dr. Hennah Krish
Patient : Sean Bush
Diagnosis : Missing Tooth

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Root Cause : Cavities

Cavities, also known as caries, are holes in the teeth that can result due to many factors. One of the main factors can be our diet. Our teeth are composed of the mineral known as calcium phosphate. When we eat the food mixes with our saliva and creates a substance known as plaque biofilm. Plaque biofilm is composed of many harmful bacteria, it attaches to the teeth and breaks down sugars and starches to produce acid. This acid breaks down the minerals of the teeth causing them to be weaker, and with the continues exposure to acid the teeth will become more susceptible to a cavity. The cavity is a whole in the tooth  that can cause pain, swelling and mouth odor, fortunately it can be fixed with a quick visit to the dentist who will remove the cavity and restore the tooth structure. Another factor can be due to the misalignment of the teeth. Teeth that are crowded or positioned out of line can be more susceptible to caries. This is because with crowding the plaque biofilm may be stuck between the crevices or areas the toothbrush cannot reach, and without adequate flossing or brushing the plaque biofilm will grow and become more harmful to the teeth. A solution for this would be to align the teeth through a treatment known as Invisalign. This will help straighten and correctly position the teeth to prevent any further accumulation of bacteria in hard to reach areas.

Doctor : Dr. Anagha Menen
Patient : Alton Pittman
Diagnosis : Early stage Cavities

White Fillings

With newer technology and more products being produced to curate the needs of our clients white fillings have been added the services. White fillings is a material used in filling cavities. This material is effective and more cosmetically appealing when compared to amalgam fillings also known as silver or metal fillings.

Doctor : Dr. Bora Tumnus
Patient : Roy Ramirez
Diagnosis : Bonding-broken Teeth

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Planning Dental Implants

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